Righut Management

Managing your truck parking yard is a tap away.

We offer smart yard management tools to help businesses streamline their operations while driving revenue.

Enhance the management and profitability of your outdoor storage facilities

Our high tech management solution both relieves the headache and logistical challenges that come with running a managed parking facility. We offer a seamless search and transaction processes for drivers to book a safe and secure parking location.

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Righut Management

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Client Success Story

South Florida Operator (250+ Slips)

He was able to use our tools to take the property from 82% to 100% occupancy, and used our data to bring his rates to market. Overall, our lot partner was able to increase his revenue by over 44% and eliminated the need for a part time employee at his location. He’s gone on to secure 3 more properties.

Righut Management
client success
client success
client success

Benefits of Being Powered by Rig Hut!


Revenue Earned

Facilities using Rig Hut’s system can earn millions in overuse and overstay spaces.


Efficiency Accelerated

Intelligent parking allocation and real-time insights turn logistical challenges into opportunities for amplified revenue and streamlined processes


Time Saved

Facilities that use The Rig Hut save time and money in payroll and operations.

Our Management Software Tools are Intuitive and Easy-to-use

Our categorically defining suite of easy-to-use management software tools enables our partners to generate revenue, offering the opportunity to tap into a vast network of drivers seeking space to park their rigs.


Join Us

Experience a guided sign-up process with Rig Hut, ensuring an accurate and enticing listing for your lot.


Swift Setup

Interact with a Rig Hut specialist to configure your account for a seamless auto-pilot operation.


Monitor Bookings

Receive automatic alerts for booking requests from prospective customers, all facilitated by Rig Hut.


Stay Connected

Expanding or relocating? Keep us updated. Rig Hut is here to help optimize your parking and storage revenue.

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Park and Store Smarter with Rig Hut!

Rest easy knowing our lot partner dashboard helps automate communication, transaction and reporting processes.

Parking Management Without Rig Hut
Parking Management With Rig Hut